White Sands Missile Range Hall of Fame

Joseph Trammel
Security and Counterintelligence
Ordained Pastor
Leader of the Gospel Congregation
Inducted 2014

Joseph Trammel’s hard work and dedication were evident during his 42 years of service as a government employee. His selfless contributions have left a long-lasting impact on each organization he has worked with including the WSMR community, the Department of the Army, and the Department of Defense.

Trammel led the Security and Counterintelligence effort for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory at WSMR for almost 30 years. As Security Team Leader, his job was to protect ARL technology in support of the Soldier on the battlefield. During this time Trammel’s duties included establishing, executing, and maintaining an effective security, counterintelligence, special access, and other sensitive access programs for ARL.

Trammel’s expert security operation functions made countless critical projects possible. Amongst the high-profiled projects that were possible because of his expertise was the Improvised Countermeasure Equipment (ICE), an IED countermeasure that was used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not only did Trammel help protect the Soldier during combat, but he also ensured the safety of those on the installation. In 2012, Trammel took on additional duties as the ARL Foreign Disclosure Officer for over a year. He planned and coordinated ARL-WSMR’s participation in Annual Antiterrorism Force Protection and Continuation of Operation Exercises.  He also “trained and managed the ARL-WSMR Crisis Action and Crisis Management Teams, which proved invaluable during the wildfires that threatened WSMR in 2010.”

In 2010, Trammel saved the life of a fellow employee who failed to show up for work. Trammel was unable to contact the employee or the emergency contacts by telephone. He drove about an hour to the employee’s home and summoned emergency services to meet him at the individual’s home. Upon arrival, the individual was found unconscious and barely breathing due to health complications. They were able to revive the employee and transport him to a hospital in El Paso, Texas, where he recovered.

Trammel received the Department of the Army Civilian Award for Humanitarian Service for his “compassion, concern for others, and composure under pressure.”

As an Ordained Pastor, Trammel continues to lead the Gospel Congregation at WSMR since 1985 and holds Bible Studies twice weekly. He has been continuously involved in the installation chapel’s activities including seasonal plays, concerts, and Summer Bible School.

When the installation military chaplain was not available or the position was vacant, Trammel served as the community’s spiritual leader. Trammel has also selflessly dedicated his own Family time to personnel working during Christmas Eve providing them their holiday meals.

Trammel retired from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in 2013 and lives in Las Cruces.