Museum Exhibits

Museum Exhibits

As of June 2020, the WSMR Museum consists of the following permanent galleries and exhibits:

The Story of White Sands’ Lands and Peoples

Exhibit Gallery and Description Coming Soon!

The Army in Early New Mexico

Exhibit Gallery and Description Coming Soon!

White Sands Proving Ground and Missile Range

Exhibit Gallery and Description Coming Soon!

Missile Park and the V-2

The V-2 Exhibit Brochure

Missile Park Brochure

Upcoming Exhibits

The Museum is currently in the planning and design phase of several large exhibit projects. Below are some that we are very excited to announce. Updates and announcements will be made through the WSMR Public Affairs Office, our Facebook page, and this website.

The WSMR Museum Permanent Gallery

Begun in 2017, this project aims to create a state-of-the-art permanent exhibit space that doubles our previous indoors exhibit space. Highlights of this exhibit will include:

  • Larger-than-life high resolution images and graphics
  • A new and improved exhibit storyline
  • Interactive media kiosks and touchscreen monitors
  • An emphasis on STEM activities and research that placed WSMR on the cutting edge of emergent Army technology
  • As of 2020, this exhibit is being planned and designed in a collaborative effort between WSMR Museum staff and professional exhibit designers at the US Army Center of Military History. Its anticipated completion date will be in October 2021.
The WSMR Museum STEM Education Center

Due to WSMR’s heavy technological footprint, it is only natural that the Museum address how advances in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) have changed the world. While the new exhibit gallery will tell the history of STEM applications at WSMR, the Education Center will dive into the academic curriculum of each discipline. In collaboration with local educators, subject-matter experts, and educational organizations and institutions, the Education Center will offer interactive and immersive models, simulations, lessons, and curricula that complies with Federal “Common Core” and New Mexico “STEM Ready” standards.