Tours, Special Tours, Staff Rides, and Special Events

NOTICE: Current as of July 2022. The WSMR Museum will be closed to all visitors while we prepare for the installation of a new permanent exhibit. We expect to reopen around September 2022. The V-2 building and Missile Park remain open to military ID card holders. WSMR is currently closed to the general public.

Military, government, and other organizations can still submit a Tour and Special Event Request Form. Changes to our access policy will be announced on our Facebook page, this website, and through the WSMR Public Affairs Office.

The Visitor’s Center will not issue base access passes to anyone not on official DoD business.

Download the Tour and Special Event Request Form

Q. Do I need to submit a Request Form to request a Tour for just my family?
A. Museum Tour requests may be granted subject to staff member availability.

Q. How do I submit a request for a Tour, Special Tour, Staff Ride, or Special Event?
A. All Special Tour, Staff Ride, or Special Event Requests must be submitted using the WSMR Tour and Event Request Form. Please follow the instructions on the form to submit it to the Museum.

Q. What are Tours, Special Tours, Staff Rides, and Special Events?
A. Please see the following definitions.

Tours: Due to personnel constraints, tours of the museum are reserved for groups and are subject to staff availability.

Special Tours: The museum offers the following special tours for approved special interest organizations, governmental organizations, and military units. Special tours available include:
-Trinity Site and the McDonald Ranch House
-Cold War Tour of WSMR Landmarks
-Hembrillo Canyon

Staff Rides: These are guided walkthroughs of historical military exercises that focus on the application of Troop Leading Procedures, the Military Decision Making Process, and Fundamentals of Land Warfare. Staff Rides may be requested by VIPs, DVs, and members of any organization assigned, attached, or affiliated with WSMR. Staff Rides may be requested by the general public but are subject to Museum staff availability. Standard Staff Rides are:
-Battle of Valverde, 1862 (Onsite or Classroom Instruction)
-Battle of Hembrillo Basin, 1880 (Onsite or Classroom Instruction)
-Battle of Columbus, 1916 (Onsite or Classroom Instruction)
-Battle of Brazito, 1846 (Classroom Instruction)
-Battle of Mesilla, 1861 (Classroom Instruction)
-Battle of Glorietta Pass, 1862 (Classroom Instruction)
-The Apache Wars, 1861-1886 (Classroom Instruction)
-The Victorio War of 1879-1880 (Classroom Instruction)
-Other Staff Rides or Battle Analyses may be available upon request

Special Events: These are events that request the time and use of Museum staff, volunteers, facilities, etc. Examples of Special Events include:
-Visits by VIPs or Distinguished Visitors (see below)
-Change of Command Ceremonies
-Reenlistment Ceremonies
-Launch and Test Events open for public viewing

Q. What constitutes a tour or visit attended by a VIP or DV?
A. VIPs and DVs are identified in DA PAM 600-60 A Guide to Protocol and Etiquette for Official Entertainment, Appendix D: Precedence List. Tours and visits by VIPs and DVs should be coordinated through the WSMR Garrison Administration’s Protocol Office at (575)-678-1038/2220 or DSN 258-2220.