Donating to the Museum

Q. Can I donate to the Museum?
A. Until further notice, the US Army Center of Military History has issued a moratorium on accepting artifact donations. Below are exceptions to the moratorium:
-Archival items such as documents, photographs, diaries, audiovisual media, reports, etc.
-Artifacts associated with significant persons, actions, campaigns, and events with clear, documented use history
-Technical and typological examples of Army material including prototypes, test material, initial fielding, and end-of-line material
-Soldier-produced artwork in any medium that interprets the Army experience
-Rare items that represent the only known surviving example of a given item

Q. What items are prohibited from being donated?
A. The Museum is unable to accept any of the following:
-Live munitions
-Commemorative items
-Commercially available models
-Duplicative small arms
-Collections of insignias
-Banners and political flags
-Souvenir-type items
-Memorabilia from Veteran’s organizations
-Plaques and trophies
-Human remains
-Military prints

Q. How do I start the donation process?
A. For information on the donation process, please contact Museum staff.