Visiting the Museum

Q. Is the museum open to the public?

NOTICE: Current as of July 2022. The WSMR Museum will be closed to all visitors while we prepare for the installation of a new permanent exhibit. We expect to reopen around September 2022. The V-2 building and Missile Park remain open to military ID card holders. WSMR is currently closed to the general public.

Military, government, and other organizations can still submit a Tour and Special Event Request Form. Changes to our access policy will be announced on our Facebook page, this website, and through the WSMR Public Affairs Office.

The Visitor’s Center will not issue base access passes to anyone not on official DoD business.

Updates will be posted on this website, our Facebook Page, and through the White Sands Missile Range Public Affairs Office as soon as they are available. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you soon.

Obtaining a Visitor’s Pass

Q. How do I get on WSMR?
A. In order to get on post, you will need to obtain a Visitor’s Pass from the Visitor’s Center, located in front of the Las Cruces Gate. All adult visitors with US citizenship require the following:
1. Valid form of identification.
2. Driver’s Vehicle Registration.
3. Driver’s Proof of Insurance.
4. Pass a National Crime Information Center – Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-III) background check.

Q. What are the access requirements for children?
A. All children must be accompanied by an adult after the adult has been vetted through the on-post background check.

Q. I’m not a US citizen. Can I still visit the museum?
A. At this time, non-US citizens will not be permitted access to the museum.

Q. Can my family and I walk to the Museum from the Visitor’s Center parking lot?
A. Yes

Q. Are there any vehicle restrictions when obtaining a Visitor’s Pass?
A. No. There is marked parking for oversized vehicles, campers, and RV’s at the Museum.

Q. What are the Visitor’s Center’s business hours?
A. The Visitor’s Center is open Monday – Friday, 6:00am – 2:30pm.

Q. Can I visit the Museum if the Visitor’s Center is closed?
A. Yes, you can still obtain a pass at the Las Cruces and El Paso Gate after the Visitor’s Center has closed.

Q. How long is my Visitor’s Pass good for?
A. For the day of the visit.

Q. Who can I contact if I have further questions?
A. Please contact Museum Staff by phone at (580)-699-4798 or email at for more information.

Conditions Restricting Access

Q. Where can I view WSMR’s current HPCON and FPCON?
A. You can see the current Protection Conditions on the Official White Sands Missile Range Website at the top of the main page.

Q. How does missile range testing affect access to WSMR?
A. During missile range testing, access roads to and from WSMR may be blocked until testing is complete. Please call (575)-678-1178 for the most up-to-date information on roadblocks.

Q. How long do the roadblocks last?
A. Any number of factors, such as weather, equipment problems, and wildlife concerns, can cause the actual test to be delayed. This may require the roadblocks to stay up for hours past the scheduled test.