Museum Staff


Darren Court, Museum Curator

A US Army veteran, 1986-1994, Darren Court served in Bitburg, Germany, followed by White Sands Missile Range. At WSMR, he worked on a variety of test projects including ADATS, Hawk, Patriot, and more. Mr. Court received his Bachelor’s of Arts in History from New Mexico State University in 1998 and his Master’s degree in 2003. Prior to arriving at WSMR as the Museum Specialist in 2007, Mr. Court worked for several years as the Admissions Coordinator for the NMSU Graduate School. In 2008, Mr. Court became the Curator of the WSMR Museum. His historical interests include: the Frontier Army in New Mexico, the US Army in the WWII European Theater, the Holocaust, the V-2 rocket and Manhattan projects, and American society during the Cold War. He lives in Las Cruces with his wife and team of seven children.

Jenn Jett, Museum Specialist

Jenn Jett earned her Bachelor of Arts degrees in History and International Studies from Ohio State University and is currently a Master of Arts student in the Museum Studies and Digital Curation program at Johns Hopkins University.  She is also pursuing certification in archival sciences through the Society of American Archivists.

Jenn is a former US Army Air Defense Artillery officer commissioned out of the Ohio State University Army ROTC program and has had the privilege to have served worldwide from Tirana, Albania to Okinawa, Japan.  Prior to moving to White Sands Missile Range, she was a full-time graduate intern, serving as an archival lead and curatorial assistant at the Lewis Army Museum on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA from 2017-2020.  From 2019-2020, she interned for the Washington Secretary of State’s Office at the Washington State Archives in Olympia.

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