WSMR Museum Receives New Missiles and Vehicles for Missile Park

By Jenn Jett, Museum Specialist

Thursday, 15 April 2021, was an exciting day for the WSMR Museum, as we received four macro-artifacts that will soon be the newest additions to the Missile Park located just past the Las Cruces Gate. The two missiles and two transporter-erector-launchers (TELs) were loaded onto four semi-trucks at Redstone Arsenal, AL, and driven the 1,330 miles to WSMR. Upon arrival, the items were offloaded by crane at the museum warehouse where they will sit as paperwork and plans are completed to move them to their permanent home in the park.

The shipment included a PGM-19 Jupiter medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM), a Sprint anti-ballistic missile (ABM), a PGM-11 Redstone TEL, and an MGR-1 Honest John TEL. You can view a photo gallery of the offloading below.

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