WSMR Museum Conducts a Battery of Tours to Trinity Site

By Jenn Jett, Museum Specialist

Keeping up with interest in the location of the first atomic bomb test, the White Sands Missile Range Museum and Public Affairs Office completed four tours to Trinity Site over the past two weeks. Completing the long drive from WSMR Main Post to the site was rewarded with amazing views of the flora and fauna that have bloomed this spring due to heavy rains in the Tularosa Basin and Jornada del Muerto areas in the northern range areas.

Among the tour attendants were interns from the Sandia Labs, NM, Soldiers from the 7248th Medical Support Unit, Fort Bliss, TX, and a group from Los Alamos Laboratories, NM.

You can view highlights from the tours in the photo gallery below.

The WSMR Museum would like to remind everyone that the many animals found in the White Sands area can be active at any time of the day or night. Make sure to be alert to any animals, such as oryx or antelope, near or on the road. For emergencies on White Sands Missile Range, please call WSMR DES at 575-678-1234.

2 thoughts on “WSMR Museum Conducts a Battery of Tours to Trinity Site

  1. It is interesting that we American tax payers, including me (a veteran from Vietnam era and born in the United States) are excluded from these tours, yet we pay for all of this. I wonder how many Chinese or foreign born interns working at these national labs have been invited on these tours. Yes I know we can visit Trinity site that others offer, but only two days out of the year and we have to shell out 100 bucks for the tour. Reading this news piece leaves a bad taste in my mouth about federal government and military, again.

    1. Good Afternoon Mr. Reese,
      I wanted to take some time to address the concerns noted in your comment. The WSMR Museum conducts tours to Trinity Site for all kinds of groups and organizations, to include federal, state, and contractor groups, military units and personnel from all branches, and public special interest groups such as historical societies and STEM-centered organizations. We are unfortunately not able to conduct tours on an individual bases due to the time commitment (tours are all-day events) and personnel constraints (the WSMR Museum has 2 employees). Non-US citizens are not permitted on any part of WSMR without an exception to policy base access pass, a comprehensive background check, and an approved escort. The Trinity Open House held twice a year is organized and run by the Missile Range itself, not the WSMR Museum, and we do not attend the event. The WSMR Museum does not charge any persons or organizations for our tours, nor do we accept payments of any kind for the tours we conduct. You can find further information about our tours on our website’s FAQs section at Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.
      Jenn Jett, Museum Specialist

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