Green River: The Utah Launch Complex

Explore the remnants and learn the story of a United States military missile testing laboratory from the height of the Cold War (1962-1974) hidden in the canyon lands outside of Green River, Emery County, Utah.

This interactive tour was completed on behalf of the White Sands Missile Range Directorate of Public Works Cultural Resource Program as a component of a broader preservation effort offsetting the demolition of the historic Utah Launch Complex facility.

William C. Godby, WSMR DPW Cultural Resource Program Archaeologist.

The project was developed in consultation with the Utah State Historic Preservation Office and the John Wesley Powell River History Museum in Green River, Utah.

Mr. Carlos Bustamante (1930-2017), WSMR Facility Design Engineer and Surface-to-Surface Operations Manager during ULC’s development and use, was interviewed on July 25, 2013. You can view the full interview with Mr. Bustamente here.

Mr. Jim Forman was interviewed on October 30, 2018. Click here for a YouTube Playlist of all of the video footage, including interviews at the River History Museum.

Additional information and/or photographs provided by Stephen Burns, Jeffrey Puttkammer, Martin Gorsching, Timothy Bodine, and Douglas Meeks. 

Developed by AmaTerra Environmental, Inc., Austin, Texas, United States of America (Copyright 2020).

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