The V-2 Program: Operation Backfire to the Hermes Project

Although America was slow to recognize the work of Doctor Robert Hutchings Goddard, his work was well known in Germany where experimenters had designed the V-2 rocket engine using his ideas. There was evidence that the Germans had followed Dr. Goddard’s work closely from his first published paper. It was apparent that the V-2 rocket, while much larger, was almost identical to missiles that had been tested at Roswell, New Mexico.

A Brief History of White Sands Proving Ground, 1941-1965

By May 22, 1945, the first captured V–2 rocket components were being transported to Antwerp for shipment to the new Proving Ground. By June 30, evacuation of Peenemünde personnel to the United States was approved. Actual construction at WSPG began on June 25, with water-well drilling. Camp construction began on June 29, with the re-erection of three barracks buildings moved from Sandia Air Base near Albuquerque or Camp Luna near Las Vegas, NM.

Project Galileo Testing at White Sands Missile Range

On December 7, 1995, an aerodynamic probe containing an array of scientific instrumentation was launched toward the large gaseous planet Jupiter to perform the first-ever direct measurements of its atmosphere.  It took this probe, along with a companion orbiter, about 6 ½ years to travel from the earth to the largest planet in our solar system.  Before the probe was ultimately destroyed by the immense pressure encountered in Jupiter’s lower atmosphere, it had relayed to the orbiter, and subsequently to the earth, large amounts of scientific data that altered some of humankind’s long-standing knowledge of this strange distant world.